RazhuPru, located in Kohima, the capital of Nagaland, is a heritage hotel founded in 2007. Although it has played its role as a hotel for a short while, the bungalow is around 68 years old and its walls have a rich history to tell.

Having once been a family home, the bungalow was also used as the meeting place for the first Naga insurgent group. A stone monolith to commemorate this event has been erected in the premises. The living room and the fire place that they sought warmth from still stands today. The bungalow also stands testament to the second world war having been bombed twice during the war.

Renovations to turn this bungalow into a heritage hotel began in 2006 and by the winter of 2007, it played host to its first guests. Yet, to maintain the charisma of the bungalow, many of the rooms, the wooden floors as well as the attic are unchanged and a mango tree even older than the bungalow stands strong.

RazhuPru today has been refurbished to cater to the modern needs of today but continues not only to retain its charm but also bears the scars of the times gone by giving the hotel its unique characteristics.

Photo: Archive image of RazhuPru when it used to be a family home

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